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Body Matters Kent Ltd. is an established Accident Repair Centre in Gillingham, Kent | Over 27 Years Experience | Jig Facilities | Low Bake Oven

Insurance and Private Work. All makes of cars and commercial vehicles

Accident Advice- Know your rights!
Remember it's your car, its your decision. Some insurance companies direct you towards their list of chosen repairers.

This may imply that you do not have an option about where your vehicle is repaired- but you do. you are free to use the garage/ repairer of your choice and the insurer must meet all reasonable costs of repair.

This information comes from the Vehicle Body Repair Association (www.vbra.co.uk) and the Office of Fair Traiding (www.oft.gov.uk)  both state that you are free to get your car repaired with whoever you choose

Did you know that with no Fault Accidents, you don't even have to notify your insurer, notify us and we will handle your claim and any injuries and loan cars.

BODY MATTERS offers a complete service for all its customers. If you have an accident and it's not your fault, BODY MATTERS will deal directly with our specialist accident management company who will handle your entire claim.

A  courtesy car will instantly arrive at your door, even your damaged vehicle collected. If you drive a Mercedes you will be given a loan Mercedes. Our management company will also help you with legal claims and loss of earnings etc at no charge to you.

Your insurance company will probably mislead you and bully you into taking your car where they say. Call Us First. We will refund up to 100% of your insurance excess or pay the first £250 guaranteed, and give you cash back on any other savings.

Why after paying for your insurance would you want to pay them more money ie. Your EXCESS

Body Matters is a completely independent accident repair centre. This gives us the freedom to provide customers massive savings should they choose us.

The first thing you are told by your insurer is ''You have to use our approved repairer''. This is nonsense. Your absolute legal right is to choose your own repair centre. The choice is your's the customer and no one else's.

The second thing you are told by your insurer, ''should you choose you own repairer, you need to get two independent quotes.'' Again, utter nonsense, this is just another tactic to discourage you, by wasting your valuable time running around all the local accident repair centres to get two unnecessary quotes. You only need one quote, and we will take care of that for you by dealing directly with your insurer.

The third thing you will almost certainly be told by your insurers, is that '' should you choose  to your own accident repair centre, you will not get a courtesy car, and work carried out will not be guaranteed to the standard of our approved repairer, and that the insurance company will not take responsibility for inferior work of an independent repairer''. Clever but not true.

We provide a courtesy cars. We guarantee all our work for three years and so do the manufacturers of the paint and materials we use. We are an independent repairer and need to  maintain a good reputation in order to survive today's competitive market. We even get main dealers passing their bodywork to us such is our reputation.

We guarantee to under-cut any quality competitor's quote by up to half. We generally operate at 50-60% cheaper than main dealer prices

Insurance & Non-Fault Claim